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Message Publié : Sam 12 Avr 2014 07:30
par darkrain

Well, it's been a great week here in the studio. We've gotten a lot of work done; posted a couple of updates on our website (more on this later) and interviewing/hiring is going very well. In terms of specifics, first, we have a new programmer starting on Monday! In addition, we hope to sign up another programmer early next week and we've got two other promising candidates that are moving through the interview process. Most of the candidates we are talking to are experienced MMORPG folks so they will be a nice addition to our small but growing family.

In terms of our current workload and team, we are moving along nicely in terms of all aspects of our scheduled work on the game. As Andrew said to me this morning, code is starting to "fan out" (and not just because our office is sweltering today) as more of the foundation code gets done so that the programmers then can move on to other tasks. While we might take a small hit as the new people come online, given the level of experience of some of the new hires, we will quickly make that up. If all goes well in April, May should be a really exciting month in the studio. Even if we hire all the current candidates we will still have a couple of slots open and we will be in really good shape for the push towards Alpha.

In terms of updates this week, many people have been wondering why we haven't posted as many Kickstarter updates over the last month as we have in the past. Well, we are trying to use them sparingly since (1) it is soooo much easier posting on our own website than using the KS editor; (2) we are trying to ensure that update #100 is reserved for a major update. So, expect that until Update #100 hits, expect that we will certainly follow the same pattern so do try to check our website every Friday afternoon. These week's updates were:

1) The April Producer letter from our turtle-loving, former Californian denizen and environmental artist turned Producer, Tyler Rockwell. The letter can be found on our website here. It's another fine letter and it is accompanied by some awesome concept artwork from Michelle and Sandra, including this piece which is a small face study of a very large race, the Giants of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

2) The latest Piercing the Veil™ from our Community Manager, Renée Machyousky. The full update can be found on our website here. Like she has done on most of our PTVs, she isn't content with answering just a few questions, no, answering just a few questions is for tourists. Instead, we have pages and pages of Q&A with our Backers! Lots of good stuff in there and as always, we're happy to answer a wide-range of questions, including the takeover of our studio by Werebears! :)

Design works goes well too as Ben is fitting in nicely and there have been a number of high-spirited discussions about PnP, RPG, MMMORPG and Camelot Unchained™ and so much more. Speaking of PnP, some of the team are coming over to my house in order to begin a Pathfinder campaign. Maybe one day it will be a Camelot Unchained campaign. Now, that would be fun, wouldn't it?

Sadly, It's time to end today's update. I hope everybody who is reading this, Backer or not, had a great week. For those of you who are attending Pax East in Boston this week, enjoy!!! Maybe next year a certain studio from beautiful, downtown Fairfax Virginia will be in attendance.

In the meantime, to shamelessly steal one of my favorite sci-fi lines, "Watch the skies."



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par Yseulth
J'y ai mis des soussoux aussi, j'suis un warrior ch'ai pu quoi ! le pack à 80$ (60€) Mais j'suis pas pressé, le jour ou ça va sortir ça voudra dire que j'ai 2 ans de plus :p


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par darkrain
Camelot Unchained tech update: First networking in actual client


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par darkrain
Project Update #101: Afternoon Update - Thursday, August 21st, 2014


I’m pleased to welcome you to our first official newsletter for the Camelot Unchained™ community. We will initially be creating these newsletters as monthly peeks and updates on the game that your support is making possible! These newsletters will cover everything from the game itself and the people making it, to community questions, new contests, and beyond. The newsletter will replace most of my weekly (or semi-weekly) updates and do so with all the panache, flair, and style that we can muster. In other words, don’t expect too much! :)

In truth, we hope that you folks will love these updates as much if not more than the Kickstarter and website-based updates from myself and CSE. Now, I’m not vanishing from the community update scene (I’ll still be stalking the forums, IT chat, critical updates, etc.), but I wanted to find a way to get a consistent flow of information to the entire community, and this is the best way that I know how to accomplish that and still allow myself to do what I need to do on the business and design-side for the studio. We are, as always, looking for feedback, so please join us on our forums if you have something to say about the newsletter, including what you would like to see become a part of it.

FYI, going forward, the team and I will also be doing more video updates, Live Streams, etc., so I believe that the combination of these newsletters and those community updates will ensure not only that our Backers continue to get a ton of information from us, but that we set a new bar for the amount of open, honest, and direct communication between all of the people who want to see Camelot Unchained be a great game.

Thanks to Max, Jenesee, and everybody else who contributed to this, our first issue of the Camelot Unchained newsletter, on our Unveiled or which is attached below.



P.S. Again, please join us on the forums to discuss this and future newsletters!


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par darkrain
Stream CSE 13/10(Ce soir) 22h, heures Paris.

le 13/10 à 22h, heure Paris -->

Donc ce soir. Point sur l'avancement du jeu et question/réponse en directe sur le chat du twitch!
Le petit récapitulatif traduit de CSE_Jenesse(à la volée):
Tous les possesseurs de tiers Alpha sont comptés dans les PATs commençant Mercredi/Vendredi/Dimanche
Détails suivant:

-Nous avons des projectiles
-C'est un jeu Maintenant!
-Nous avons des compétences/capacités.
-Nous avons des soins.
-Aidez nous à debug et tester.
-Personnage persistant
-Boules de feu.
-Plein de choses attrayantes!

Dans les 5 prochains mois, cette version continuera à se mettre à jour, après que les IT les auront testé. Ce que vous verrez Mercredi, Vendredi, Dimanche changera dans le temps. Nous incorporerons au fur et à mesure ce que nous créons dans la version en cours.

-Emails arriveront avec les PATS info, un FAQ, NDA etc aux backers de d'y jeter un œil.
-Aide pour comment jouer son archétype.
-Déjà des sort non-mirroir en place.
-Beaucoup de race en jeu.
-Démarrage Mercredi et aide aux tests de différents aspects(queue serveur, test de l'Engine, stress test).
-Après cette semaine, sera le temps pour vous de signer pour certaines heures, sur certains serveurs.
-Nous sommes dans un bon rythme et satisfait.
-Nous espérons que vous aimerez l'alpha.
-Création de personnage.
-Renvoyez nous vos retours.

-Les erreurs de carte AMD sont-elles réparées: Oui, nous n'en avons pas rencontré de nouvelles.
-Pouvons nous Stream: No! NDA est en place pour l'instant.
-Pouvons-nous nous cacher derrière les arbres: Yes.
-Puis-je tester pour des abus(exploits): allez-y!
-puis-je acheter un alpha acces: oui, vous pourrez certainement.
-Il y aura des PnJ: Pas pour l'instant.
-Allez-vous inclure du contenu Web en espagnol: nous en serions très heureux si des volontaires voulaient le faire.
-Les personnage seront-ils effacés: oui, souvent.
-ETA sur les paliers Founders: Oui nous y revenons à partir de maintenant.
-La carte changera-t-elle: oui elle s'étendra.
-Combien de bruitage dans le PATs: Aucuns, zéro.
-Quand les furtifs apparaîteront-ils: quand je viendrai aux furtifs.
-Des serveurs Euro pour les PAts: Pas pour l'instant, regardons comment se comportent les serveurs américains.
-Combien de joueur par serveur: Nous voulons le découvrir.
-Aurons-nous des armes avec effets lumineux: je pense, oui.
-Allez-vous bloquer par région: Pas pour les joueurs Nord américains et européens.

Donner pas CSE lors du stream --> (j'édite si besoin) Ceci est une liste non-définitive! Sujet à beaucoup de changement durant toute la durée du développement. Mais vous aurez une idée de ce que CSE veut mettre en place pour cette "feature" de votre personnage.


A few months back, I had to stand before all of you (both literally and figuratively) in order to deliver bad news. That is certainly one of my least favorite parts of my job. Conversely, one of my favorite parts of my job is to be the bearer of good news. And today, well, I come bearing the latter!

I’m pleased to announce that on Weds. October 15th 2014, Camelot Unchained™ will begin its Pre-Alpha Testing period (also known as the P.A.T.s)! During the next five months, we will be opening up the most current build(s) of Camelot Unchained to our Backers whose tiers included Alpha testing access so that those folks can get a look at and also have some fun in the game.
We will talk about the testing schedule in greater detail tomorrow, but for now, I’ll simply say that we will start testing off with a bang (or BOOM!) by inviting all of our Alpha testers to check out the build this Wednesday. Our preliminary schedule is that we will have 3 testing times, respectively geared to European, East Coast US, and West Coast US time slots on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday of this week. Tomorrow I will announce the times, as well as talk about how the testing schedule will be laid out after that.

What is the most important news for today? That we are ready to share the progress that we have made with the game engine/build with the majority of our Backers! It seems like a long time since I had to announce the delay in the start of our Alpha testing yet it was only a couple of months ago. I hope that our P.A.T. period will demonstrate our commitment to making Camelot Unchained a great game and not just rushing a product out the door. Tomorrow I will also post a very detailed FAQ that will explain that our Alpha Backers will see when they venture forth into the current build.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our Backers, and especially our active IT folks, who helped make this possible. I also want to acknowledge the tremendous effort that our team made to deliver on our promises from a few months ago.

Tomorrow, I will release the schedule for the initial P.A.T., as well as post/send the aforementioned extensive P.A.T. FAQ, which should answer at least a few of your questions.

As always, on behalf of everyone at CSE, we thank you for your support!


P.S. I did a Live Stream on Twitch today that covered this announcement. It can be found on YouTube here.


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par Selelin
ça prend forme gentiment :) merci pour le photos Dark.


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par darkrain
Allez , une vidéo de l'alpha in game :

Vous voyez , 2015 c'est déjà maintenant :-D


Message Publié : Ven 17 Avr 2015 18:32
par Jaba
Merci Dark ! Pas mal la vidéo.


Message Publié : Lun 20 Avr 2015 17:36
par Selelin
hmmm en espérant que cela continue comme ça, il à l'air vraiment bien foutu :)

A voir pour la suite !